Building Permits In Los Angeles

Updated: Jun 1

Learn How Building Permits Made Easy Solving The Real Problems

Renovations without permits can become a real headache. That is why we felt to make a video to address a real problem, which is - - why we have unpermitted structures and how to make building permits easier to get!

Can People Build Without Permits? Why do people try to build without permits?

If you live in Los Angeles and the adjacent cities, the short answer for the first question is NO! You cannot build structures without a permit.

For the second question, the answer was a bit too long, so we made a video explaining why people build without permits and what to do to fix it.

We address the building permits conundrum by trying to highlight the real problem, especially because people that build without permits ARE NOT the real problem, in addition, because permits make sense, and it is a good tool to keep buildings safe for all of us.

California and Los Angeles Building Permit:

California is one of the most restrictive states when it comes to building permits. The Building and Safety Department is who issues permits. Permits are issued only after intense scrutiny is applied in each case, especially in Los Angeles. There is a good reason for it and a bad reason for it.

The good reason is that we live in an earthquake country, so buildings have to be built to withstand some minimum requirements to prevent harm and death. That is why permits are important.

The bad reason is that the government agencies responsible for issuing permits, became too big, too powerful, too unnecessarily over-encompassing, and too restrictive on permits when you are building a house. Allow me to elaborate here:

A building permit is a document that is supposed to provide the necessary approvals for you, or a builder, to move forward with safe construction or remodeling projects, usually on the property that you own, according to pre-established rules.

What a building permit is not supposed to be: An external power that prevents you from legally and safely build or improve a structure, especially because bureaucrats on power trips are occupying decision-making positions within building departments. -- In my prior sentence, you may feel some spite for people who are involved in this type of activity, but I am just trying to be precise in describing the problem, watch our video here for more details.

Easier Building Permits: