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Do It Yourself Wood Cabinet Construction

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Kitchen cabinets seem to be a really difficult build, but kitchen cabinets are super easy to build!

Kitchen cabinets are nothing but wood boxes. When your budget is tight, but you need quality, the only option you may have is doing it yourself!

Kitchen cabinets can be a very expensive item, and low cost options are very limited. If you buy some Chinese-made brands of cabinets, all that you are going to get is some particle board boxes stapled together. Those fall apart in a few years when exposed to moisture, and what kitchen is not eventually exposed to moisture?

On the other hand, you can build really strong plywood cabinets for the same money you would spend with the low cost ones, and later only buy the pre-made cabinet doors and drawer fronts.

You can find plans for cabinet-making free online on different DIY sites. Some groups on Facebook are specialized in crowd-helping people to acquire these plans and drawing examples for DIY projects of this kind.


Professional Help Is Never Too Much:

We also have helped homeowners take on DIY projects beyond their abilities.

When you have a project like a kitchen cabinet replacement, there are many ways to handle it without spending too much money. You can replace cabinets for custom cabinets for an affordable price when you do it yourself, or you can consult with us on how to handle a transformation in your kitchen without spending an arm and a leg.

Book an appointment for a paid assessment and we will visit your kitchen, assess what we can work with, and propose some actions that you can either do yourself or have us do for you.


Here is a neat little video on Constructing your very own kitchen cabinets. (Video Comming Soon...)

Need some custom cabinets made? Need only one cabinet? Need an entire kitchen?

The Ultimate Handyman can help.

Just book an appointment for a paid assessment and we will come up with a game plan for your kitchen project...or give us a call at 323-651-0635 or email us.


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