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Here at The Ultimate Handyman, we serve the Los Angeles area as the premier Carpentry experts. If you need any repairs or have any projects that require carpentry, we can help! Rest assured that when you use us you will receive the ultimate service and the highest quality. 

Carpenter Measuring Wood

Carpentry Services

  • Floor Framing: frame layout, frame construction, termite prevention; exterior wall framing, heavy timber, decks, sheathing, millwork

  • Interior Rough Work: partitions and ceiling joists; backing, blocking, and bases; steel framing

  • Roof Framing: gable and gambrel roofs, hip roofs, intersecting roofs, shed roofs, trussed roofs, dormers

  • Finishing Carpentry: railings; pre-finished paneling, board paneling, ornamental woodwork, wood screens and shutters

  • Stair Framing: stairways and stairwells; stair layout and construction


No job is too small! Click the black button below to book a free consultation with our team. We'll chat about your project, timeline & an estimate.

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