I See Shows At HGTV and DIY network, But Projects Never Go As Shown, Why?

Updated: Jun 10

During post-production, in most of the TV shows, all the hick-ups and difficulties are cut off, making the audience believe that remodels, construction, and repairs are much cheaper and easier than actually is.

For the last 20 years our company has worked for reality TV, Movies, also assisting studios in making good on bad damages caused by actors and crew on location, and most importantly we have participated on transformation home improvement shows in order to make unskilled actors look like pros.

During construction and filming, we see how much goes into the activities they are portraying, but they fail to account for those costly unforeseen repairs and extra work on the disclosed images and final budget, giving the idea to the audience that everything goes smoothly more often then not, which is not reality.

Construction, specially in remodeling projects, often there are extra activities and associated costs that are only found during the unfolding project. TV shows are paid by the advertisers, product placements and service providers, hoping to increase their sales.

Why Show Reality, In Reality, TV Show?

In a home improvement TV show, it is not advantageous for the advertisers to reveal difficulties, related extra costs, and portraying all those inconveniences that could also lead to a negative result on advertiser’s bottom lines.

That is why you can see a room remodel with a $500 budget go effortlessly beginning to end.

No one mentions that geographical labor costs, employment obligations, and governmental fees were left out, for the sake of altering the perception of the consumer, which in turn will increase sales for their advertisers.

Their thought is: “Once the consumer bought the products, who cares if they can install it or not.” It is sad but true, HGTV’s main goal is not to inform consumers, it is to entertain and to increase sales for their sponsors.

What To Do Not To Get Caught In The Hype:

If you are unskilled in construction trades or just a layman, always talk to a construction professional before embarking on a project that you saw on TV, it can turn into an unmanageable endeavor.

No matter how simple the TV show may portray the activity, it could take a toll on your budget with no way back.