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Bathroom Remodeling For The Do it Yourselfer.

Updated: May 28, 2021

Don't be a DIW...(Do It Worselfer)... At some point, even the most serious professional needs help, it's construction after all, and construction is not something that it's done alone. It's much worse for a DIYer.

In bathroom remodels, there are some simple DIYer tasks that can be done by yourself and sometimes relying on little help from your spouse, kids, friends, and neighbors...

...but the fact is that you will run into situations in which a Pro could solve easily.


The Facts Of DIY Bathroom Remodeling

It's also a fact, that these simple fixes may cost you days working hard, or worse, the results can be a horrible finish that will show the lack of craftsmanship.

A plumber, an electrician, a carpenter, a tiler for a day or two, maybe all that you need to make your project easier, simpler, and most importantly, looking great!

It's much simpler and easier when you make all the plans, do what you know and easily can, and only call us to install the things that you would have a challenge installing.

But there is a lot of planning that you need to do before we become engaged in your projects.

Once a problem presented itself, it's usually too late to address it, and the fixes can cost twice as much!

Tile work is a common item in which Do It Worselfers gets things wrong and makes a possibly beautiful thing into a nightmare. Usually, these fixes involve demolition and loss of materials.


What to do as a DIY

Some people just power through it and get an unconventional result - -( I say it like this to be respectful) - -unconventional results that become a reason for other people to comment on, and also to be respectful, comment on as a conversation piece... "I see you got creative here!"

Do you want a conversation piece or a beautiful bathroom? If your answer is the first, you may be on the right path if you just handle it all, but if your answer is the latter, just give us a call and we plan it together way ahead in advance.

You can book a ready-to-work appointment, by clicking here. We will send you a bathroom specialist, we will go over your choices, your wants, and needs, and finally, after you do what you were able to do yourself, you can ask for help on critical spots - Before it becomes a problem!

You will be able to say that you did it yourself, but most importantly, it will look like a pro did it, beginning to end.

Need a bathroom to remodel done? Don't want to get your hands dirty?

The Ultimate Handyman can help. Just give us a call at 323-651-0635 or email us.



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