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Should I Trust Any Building Inspector When I Am Buying A House?

Updated: Jun 1

If my building inspector’s report only protects him, but doesn’t tell my rights if he misses something obvious, what should I do?

It is best if you look for an experienced general contractor that could inspect your prospective house and could also provide you with a written report about all major items in a building, including Foundation, Structural Frames, Roofing, Plumbing and Electrical among other major building elements.

Can Home Inspector Be Liable?

Liable for what? Only if he physically breaks something on the house, at that point he is liable to the owners of the house, not the buyer, unless you already bough it...

So the answer is not! Not only because if you already bought it, YOU ARE the owner...

Most of the inspection-only specialists use a cookie-cutter approach and a pre-written contract that excludes just about everything from omissions, to crass errors, not allowing for any kind of indemnification even if the inspection is botched.

That defies the purpose of a building report, which is to catch big ticket items before you get stuck with the problem.

Think of it this way, if the report has one million clauses protecting the inspector, and nothing delineating your rights if something obvious is later found to be amiss, how can you trust that report?

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What Home Inspectors Look For?

It doesn't matter what they look for if their contract provides protections to them that will make sure they don't need to look too hard for anything. In addition, as long as they can say that they didn't see it, anything found later will not be considered negligence of the inspector... If you signed his paperwork, you agreed to that clause.

We at the Ultimate Handyman can also help you with this big-ticket item, looking for things that can cost money along the way and your inspector might have missed.