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HPOZ in Los Angeles

Updated: May 7, 2021

HPOZ for those who accidentally fell upon this page, means Historical Preservation Overlay Zone.

For those who purposely searched and found us here, this acronym is the theme of many nightmares of homeowners in certain areas in Los Angeles, especially if you seek to get HPOZ approval, and get permits to accomplish any construction or renovations on you property.

Historical Preservation Overlay Zones are not only found in Los Angeles, in fact these areas are also found all over the USA.

If you need assistance handling projects that require HPOZ approvals, feel free to reach out to us by booking a job assessment.


Is your Home Protected Under This Designation?

Houses of certain periods that are protected under this designation, cannot be remodeled with standard methods without prior authorization of government officials and other departments.

We cropped a video that we made about restoration to show you here, because restoration may be the only techniques allowed to be applied on protected properties.

Watch this video and learn more about HPOZ construction. By the end of this video, if you decide to sell your home, I am buying... I take good care of historical homes.... especially because any home I live in will become historical at some point...


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