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Bollard Installation

Updated: May 7, 2021

A Bollard Is Mostly A Vehicle Deterrent:

If you are the average bear, odds are you don’t even know what a bollard is and you are just clicking here to extinguish your fiery curiosity.


Common Type Of Bollards:

The most common kind of bollards installed by contractors looks like a thick section of metal pipe imbedded into concrete, or a more fragile bollard has a perforated metal plate welded on the bottom, this plate is attached to the floor with bolts.

You order the bollards you want, mark the location on the floor for each, then you call us so we can install them all on a time and materials basis. If you want someone to do even that to you too, just call us and we handle the setting up by making an in-person assessment and recommendations first.

If you are still not sure what a bollard is, for you we are posting this tiny picture:


We Decide, Fabricate and Install It For You When You Have Better Things To Do.

Now if you intentionally clicked to this page, you probably already understand the advantages of installing bollards to protect areas against unwanted vehicle incursion.

A simple, but strong bolt-on bollard can be bought online for about $80 each (stay away from the cheaper ones) and we install it for you on a time and materials basis, with a minimum of $250. – – Unless, all you want to do is to stop people from parking in certain areas, then these are OK.

Unfortunately, these bolt-on bollards will not stop incurring vehicles from entering the areas that you are planning to protect, even when accidentally. They are merely a device that dents anyone's cars that accidentally go too far into the prohibited zones, or its only valued for the crashing noise that makes people step on their brakes!


From K-rated to Decorative Bollards

Now if you need the real thing, we engineer and imbed pipe bollards into the ground and reinforce it with concrete, so a truck can be stopped in its tracks, or we can fabricate pretty decorative bollards so your grounds will look like an European cobblestone street...


REAL Bollard Installation In Los Angeles - The Easiest And Cheapest Kind For Installation:

The fact is, that we are familiar with and we can install all kinds of bollards – bollards that warn and direct drivers into parking lots; safety bollards that actually stop a moving vehicle at impact for those drivers who can’t follow instructions; retractable bollards; removable bollards; plastic bollards; portable bollards.

Big bollards, small bollards, long bollards, short bollards, bollards of any and every color. You get the gist of it.

Don’t waste your time, call us, say what you want and we go do it. Problem solved.

Specialized Bollard, engineered bollards And "K" Rated Bollard - Bollard Installation In Los Angeles Just call us and we do it for you. Book a job assessment now or call 323-651-0635

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