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Your Hometown Door Repair Specialist

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Did you type door repair near me? Or wood door repair Los Angeles?

So now that you found us, the fact is that The Ultimate Handyman performs door repairs every week!

As an example, we repair jambs that are split in half, doors that were kicked in by the police (or mad boyfriends), doors that have the hardware stripped off by burglars, or even if you were locked in, and in a mad rage you decided to brake out of your own place.

The good news is, that in many cases, we repair it.

No matter what the excuse is, the damage is always almost the same. Spit jamb, a significant crack around the latch and some damage to the stopper…

Overall, the goal is that we repair it so your security deposit is paid back to you, your girlfriend will come home and not notice, or even better, your mom will never find out when they come back from their trip…

Now, like most clients expect, the price is not always cheap, but it is worth it. — Keep reading to find out more.

Custom Door - Door Repair Or Glass Door

Some doors are custom made and custom installed, from these, some are made out of materials that makes repairing it, just impossible!

Specially glass doors that presented problems closing or opening after an earthquake.

For example, if its is not a matter of hardware replacement, the solution for many of these cases, is usually buying new doors.

The Weather Causes Damages To Doors Too

Some doors can be repaired from the damage that is done by the sun, we repair it by sanding it smooth and applying coats of varnish.

We sand it so it doesn’t get stuck with multiple layers of varnish close to the sliding parts, which is a common problem of people who try to take care of these things themselves or hiring any guy from in front of Home Depot to do it.

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I had a jammed door lock that needed urgent attention, and Local Locksmith Olympia company came to the rescue. Their technician arrived quickly, diagnosed the issue efficiently, and had the lock fixed in no time. Excellent service and reasonable pricing.


If you want to replace or repair your door locks, always choose advanced locksmith experts because they do their job professionally and charge genuine fees.

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