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They say a person’s home or business is their castle. Using our intruder-deterrent technology combined with old-style craftsmanship, we can build walls of your fortress that keep you safe while while making your place look like a true fiefdom. And we repair walls existing fortresses as well.

Web Content on Bricks, Masonry, Asphalt and Concrete – Stem Wall Repair Material to Stop Water Infiltration.

What is the best material to fill vertical cavities in a stem wall footing that were left by forming stakes used to pour the stem wall 25 years ago? I have 5 such openings along a 20 foot section of stem wall that were the conduit for an enormous amount of water that entered from an adjoining townhouse recently. My crawl space is a few inches lower than the adjoining crawl space and the water from the flooded adjacent crawl space just fountained up into our crawl space. These cavities measure 1″ x 4″ and are anywhere from 12″ to 18″ deep. I was going to use a product like QUIKRETE – Hydraulic Water-Stop Cement since it is not supposed to shrink and will stop water, but I was wondering if there were any newer products that would do a better job.

Also, in addition to another water infiltration source, I suspect the aforementioned source has been flooding our dirt crawl space for several seasons and may have something to do with the large crack in the adjoining stem wall. What would be a good product to fill this vertical crack?

Polyurethane or chemical grout injection should handle cracks. Hydraulic cement may slow the water flow. But as long as your neighbor figures your crawl space is his sump, it’s going to be a problem.

That footing looks pretty flaky.

Too bad no one picked up on the water problems when you bought your unit.

I will check out the polyurethane kits from Emecole for the vertical crack. For the cavities left by the forming stakes I decided the hydraulic cement would not meet my requirements because I need a product that will flow and not set up so quickly. I called Quikrete and they think their Sand/Topping Mix combined with their Concrete Acrylic Fortifier is my best choice.

Regarding the footing, I believe they are trench footings and what you see on the surface is just over pour. If I dug down a little lower I would probably find the footing, but it would not look very pretty.

We have very heavy rains starting tomorrow that will last 5 days and I finally got the attention of the HOA management company and they installed a berm with leaders to carry the storm water away from the foundations. I also had them fix the downspout that was the main source of the storm water that infiltrated 4 properties. Hopefully we can get through this storm without flooding again.

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