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Sign Repairs and Erection

Make Sure You Need Sign Repairs And Installations

First of all, we can help you with all of your sign repairs, installation and erection needs, but If you only have a problem with erection, you may be on the wrong page.

Yes, google may be tricky, but you don’t have to be a dick… a soft one for that matter.

But we can still make and install that sign in front of your building telling people what you do… Avoiding telling people that you have an erection problem.

Erection, in the language of sign installers, is the act of hanging the sign that was made, to its final prominent position.

The fact is that we do sign erection for many retailers.

They produce their signs and send them to us to be installed in their stores.

We do business as a sub to national maintenance companies, providing erection and sign installation and repairs to business like H&M, Staples, Petco, Walmart, Burlington Coat Factory, Westfield… you get the gist of it…

We can help you too!

Sign Repairs, Erection And Installation

Please call on us to (neon) light up your life, give you hope to carry on, light up your days, and fill your nights with song.

We have been required to perform karaoke as part of our contract, and we are not afraid to prove it during concept, installation, and maintenance/repairs phases of sign.

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