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Re-Plumbing Old Houses

Re-plumbing old houses. You just want the best solution. You want a water supply piping system that doesn’t corrode or develop pinhole leaks, is chlorine- and scale-resistant, and has fewer fittings, connections, and elbows than rigid plastic and metallic pipe. Think it’s impossible? We can make it simple for you with cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) for your water supply piping installation.

PEX is a high-temperature, flexible plastic (polymer) pipe. The cross-linking raises the thermal stability of the material under load. Thus, resistance to creep, slow crack growth, and environmental stress cracking is greatly improved over polyethylene.

PEX pipe is approved for potable hot- and cold-water plumbing systems and hot-water (hydronic) heating systems in all model plumbing and mechanical codes across the U.S. and Canada. PEX piping is durable, provides security for safe drinking water, and uses reliable connections and fittings. There are currently about 10 domestic producers of quality PEX piping. Want to know more? Call us.

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