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Plaster Molds

The Ultimate Handyman can reproduce any kind of carved wood on resin and we are renowned for our plaster molds. We reproduce existing carved work or old trim with exact replicas by any techniques that work, including plaster molding. One customer called us because his dog had gnawed on his antique door frame. Instead of hand-carving the replacement piece, which would have been extremely costly, we made a mold of an intact section, poured resin on the mold, built a reproduction of that part to install at the missing part, and replaced it.

After a little touch-up paint, no one could tell the difference – except the dog, who just didn’t have the same taste for resin and gave up chewing on the doors.

The ultimate handyman can repair it and also knows how to make the door trim unappetizing to you pets.

We are a Construction Company that also provides professionals of every construction trades to perform handyman work. We serve Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and many other adjacent cities and we do what we know best for an hourly rate.

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