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Management Maintenance

The Best Partner For Maintenance Managers:

The fact is that we help the best Management Companies and H.O.As to become the best and remain the best.

The occupants will be delighted to have such a professional and responsive maintenance crew.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a tenant yet, you will have one fast with our make-ready property turn overs.

We also partner with National Maintenance and Construction Companies in order to help them maintain their properties in the greater Los Angeles areas.

Even local Builders and competitor Maintenance Companies hire our services as subs, to supplement their staff for larger buildings or special projects and events.

That fact alone proves that we are fair, otherwise our competitors wouldn’t bother to call us. The fact is that we actually partner with our competitors to provide a fair price to the final consumer, we all win.

We consider State and Nation-Wide Construction, Maintenance and Management Companies our best partners.

Maintenance Reports And Assessments:

The Ultimate Handyman provides Construction services and construction consultancy reports.

That is if you are a recurring management Company client, or a Homeowner Association client, as part of the benefits of joining our monthly maintenance plans.

Management styles may differ, but when it comes to maintenance, the problems are practically all the same.

Because we are a Construction Company that also provides Handyman services in Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and many other adjacent cities, we are able to handle anything that comes from your tenants.

Keep in mind, that we have professionals of every construction trade to assist you in the completion of any construction, repair, remodel, additions, installations, and maintenance projects.

Our craftsmen will perform an amazing job and you will be 100% satisfied.

In short, we are here to help, send your work order and the problem goes away. That easy! Call us.

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