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Irrigation In Nothing But A Fancy Name For Sprinklers

Whether you’re growing flowers to win prizes in your 11-acre state or just trying to keep a window flowerbed looking good year round, we have the irrigation solution for you. Yes… Irrigation is a way to transport water to provide water to places that would not otherwise sustain some species of plants.

Moreover irrigation system is the technical name to your sprinkler system; therefore, when we say irrigation, make a mental image of a sprinkler system, that works for urban places.

Irrigation Finding The Right Set Up

Our well planned, properly installed, appropriately programmed, and correctly maintained systems save your time and your money, not to mention your landscaping – all by distributing water efficiently.

Imagine having control over where, when, and how much water is supplied to each plant: Instead of flooding the ground all at once, you can apply a small amount of water over long periods of time, allowing moisture to soak into root zones for maximum efficacy, minimal runoff and evaporation, and ultimately, reduced water usage. And healthy, happy plants.

Irrigation For Gardens And Yards

We are a Construction Company that also provides professionals of every construction trade to perform specialized work.

We serve Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and many other adjacent cities and we do what we know best for an hourly rate.

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