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Interior Paint an Actual Quote for Painting

Our founder is a General Contractor that started as a handyman and grew his company to be a construction company that supplies the best professionals of building and construction to all our neighbors in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and adjacent cities, so that alone tells you that we are not afraid of a painting job.

For jobs expected to cost more than one thousand dollars, considering that you already have an idea of how much is going to cost, give us a call and we book an assessment, which is 150 deposit so we can write a work agreement.

Most importantly, we are able to provide a precise proposal that will include all the details and expectations on paper, so feel free to call us today and schedule a job assessment.

As a general guideline, on a time-and-materials basis, we charge on average $600 per empty room in a monochromatic standard-size bedroom.

To be more precise, the job described is in flat interior paint, considering that it will be in one-coat and no heavy furniture to move (sometimes it takes longer to move everything out of the way than the paint job itself), so keep in mind that we are quoting here about six hours of labor.

Read it again if you feel this is not explained well or go to our Time and Materials rates page to understand our Time and Materials policies.

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