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How To Get A Well Built Cinder Block Wall Cheaper:

Cinderblock Wall Specials

We often have cinder block wall specials — especially during those times of the year when construction is slow.

Like, near the holidays by the end of the year, during or right after tax time, and some other times.

So, call us and we should be able to give you a deal on cinder block walls, that is, if you are willing to wait a bit to get it done…

We also have some specials for concrete block wall repair, for those times when a block wall only needs a few cement blocks replaced.

As you might imagine, it is impossible to repair a cinder block, but we are able to replace a single cinder block or a few rolls if need be.

Cinder Block Wall Is Not A DIY Friendly Job

Cinder concrete blocks are quite heavy, not enough to stop you from lifting them, but after a few hundreds, any arm gets tired.

When building a concrete block wall, a mason will lift on average 300 masonry blocks a day, sometimes multiple times.

A single masonry block can smash a toe through your shoe, so if you decide to handle it yourself, it is a good idea to invest in a pair of steel-toed shoes.

Cinder block masonry is not something that the do-it-yourselfer should be trying, specially when it comes to concrete block wall construction.

How To Reinforce A Cinder Block Wall

The Clear Choice

Here in Los Angeles, because we are in earthquake country, it is hard to find a good mason, specially because concrete masonry construction is not widely used as common house-building practice.

But there are many ways to make a concrete block walls safe for earthquake country.

We can add steel reinforcement inside each layer of cinder block and inside entire rolls of cinder blocks, making a net of concrete and steel inside the cinder blocks that will make it virtually indestructible!

Few contractors in Los Angeles have the know how and experience building cinder block walls like The Ultimate Handyman! Give us a call 323-651-0635

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