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Drainage Installations And Repair Solutions In Los Angeles

Drainage Is Important!

Most of the foundation problems are caused by drainage deficiencies. Water pooling by a downspout is not as inoffensive as it looks.

It most likely is causing long-term irreparable problems.

As water penetrates the soil, its pressure, flow and other physical properties, can undermine certain areas, wash away essential support from under your foundation, push and pull in subtle ways that will be noticed only when it is too late! Keep water away from any structural or decorative construction elements. You may ask, “how do I do this?” — The easiest answer is by calling us. To simplify the answer is Drainage!

A properly designed drainage system will divert water away from any structural or decorative elements of a home; that includes retaining walls, walkways, driveways, ROOFS, …yes, ROOFS, patios, crawl spaces, near fence posts, or anything within your property!

You tell us where water is pooling and we come up with the solution. We are able to come up with drain systems that efficiently drain water uphill! We have done this several times. Call us right now and we will help you.

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