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Cinder Block Walls

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Do You Want The Best Cinder Block Wall?

The fact is that we build all our cinder block walls up to code. No matter the type, size, style, race, credo…we always do the work right.

In another words, we dig to the proper depth, we use the proper rebars, we install the steel according to code for reinforcement, and we pour the right concrete PSI for the load applied, not to mention the right size cinder blocks.

Don’t get stuck with this: This picture shows a typical cinder block wall failure, including foundation (footing) dislodging, insufficient or missing drainage (gravel behind cinder block wall base), missing rebar (steel), and the proper laying level line of cinder blocks.

A combination of several of these problems and rubber plant roots caused all this damage on the cinder block wall.

YES! We always do it right.

Curious about price? Let’s do some math. We are able to lay about 50 to 75 cinder blocks per day – per crew – depending on topography of the terrain, height of the wall, and accessibility and size of the cinder block chosen.

Crews usually comprise of one master mason and a cinder-block-carrying helper and a mortar mixer (either human or a good machine)

Get the dimensions of the cinder block, either 4x8x16, 6x8x16, 8x8x16…so on…divide by the area you need built – (length x height),

This way you find out how many cinder blocks you will need, and divide by the number of blocks we do on a typical working day (Info above)– Now multiply days of work by two workers’ rates (75/hour) plus equipment.

And there is your quote!

Cinder blocks is in our veins! Our masons live, breathe, drink and dream cinder blocks… Give us a call and we will ask you some questions about your wall. Or, about the desired cinder block wall and in many cases we can give you a good idea of price over the phone!

Exactly How Much A Cinder Block Wall Costs:

Need Exact Numbers?

But if you need a hard quote, with all the prices that you will be paying, you actually need an assessment. Read the estimate and assessment policies here.

Meet Or Beat Competitors Prices To Build A Cinder Block Wall:

We have crews working on masonry and cinder block walls every day.

Many problems that other contractors have quoted for thousands of dollars are usually done much better and for much less by us.

If you already have a quote for cinder block walls of more than $3,000, we can give you a FREE SECOND OPINION and a written proposal for you to compare!

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