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Patching Holes in Drywall & Plaster

The Ultimate Handyman can repair any size hole in drywall and plaster, even if your dog can fit in it.

We patch any hole no matter what size, and we promise to remove the dog before we patch it.

Did your plumber go to town on all your walls during a re-piping job, gifting you with plenty of water, air drafts, and bugs streaming from the new holes?

Sorry to give you this news just now, but you should have hired us in the first place. We have plumbers and all the other trades necessary to finish a job properly. The Ultimate Grandma once said: “If you don’t know how to finish it, don’t even start.” We take this advice to heart in all our affairs.

We repair everything from small cracks to gaping holes, including jobs that require special textures, such as acoustical ceilings. We prepare, we protect, we prime, we patch, we paint, and we perform any other related “P”s we may have left off this list.

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