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Track Light Troubleshoot and Repairs

First of all, we can troubleshoot and repair any track light systems for you. We can even install all new systems. All you have to do is to call us.

But if you are the DIY-type, you can handle it, I mean, with the proper guidance…

Here it is:


If you need to know where to buy a track light, choose and buy the best here.

The best in dimmable LED track lights

If you need to know where to choose and buy the necessary electrical tools first watch this video here:

Basic electrical tools to do the job.

Then go to this page here:


Basics Of Track Light Troubleshoot And Repair:

Odds are, that you are reading this page because you are having trouble with a track light and you need to know the basics of track light troubleshoot and repair.

There are many types, colors, styles and designs, but the track light that is the most common is what we will address here. Standard track!

The most common problem with track lights is the contacts within the fixture, usually a little bit of playing with the contacts and the track will bring a light fixture back to life. It will save a lot of money and aggravation.

But if you tried wiggling the base connector and nothing happened, here is what you can do safely:

Track Light Troubleshoot Steps:

1 – Tap the bulbs

2 – Check the bulbs

3 – Check the fixture