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Electrical Troubleshooting DIY

Electrical Troubleshooting Is As Easy As Pie:

Troubleshooting – Electrical system DIY fixes 1. If one thing fails, turn it on or replace it.

2. If more than one thing fails, reset breakers and GFIs.

3. If the items still fail, locate the bad connection by improving existing connections at interface between live and dead things on that circuit, or between dead things and any nearby live things.

4. If that doesn’t work, replace breaker and check neutral connections at panel. If more than one circuit is affected, check that main and submain breakers aren’t blocking voltage; call the power company.

5. If breaker or GFI retripped upon reset, unplug or switch off everything you can and try resetting again. If it holds, see which thing you undid sets it off; if it doesn’t hold, break circuit’s hot apart midway along the circuit and reset.

6. Continue reconnecting circuit and breaking hot apart at other places to isolate the fault’s location.

7. If the problem was the GFI retripping, break neutral apart in a similar way to isolate the fault’s location.

8. If all else fails, call us.

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